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Robin Smith

Steve good to meet today. The emporer has no clothes!

On wealth, there are many common uses of the term. Should we define and agree on an economic use too, when we talk econonics?

Today i got fierce denial on that suggestion. Defining wealth always creates huge amounts of heat. And i was not telling anything, only asking what others felt it was. And it can only be one thing in the end.

Yet why if it is the object noun and subject matter of economics? How strange.

I believe it is because people of every persuasion have chosen to reserve the right to make up their own minds, as to what is theirs as property. "What is mine" regardless of the natural justice that actually defines it irrefutably.

And by doing that are opposing the natural law that wealth can only ever be yours if you did work to get it. We can see on every occasion this leads to destruction, recessions, poverty and all the rest.

About to read the rest of your good blog but am on train. Speak to you next week. In the mean time try this experiment:

1) what is location value?
2) who creates it?
3) who does it belong to?

Take your time thinking about it with great care. Its "fundamental"!

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